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Współzałożycielka Centrum, prawniczka z doktoratem prawa międzynarodowego, specjalizująca się w prawie uchodźczym. Prezes zarządu.



Prawniczka, specjalizująca się w grupach szczególnej troski. W Centrum zajmuje się też fundraisingiem
i promocją. Członek zarządu. 



Specjalista od IT,  multimediów, zarządzania i logistyki w Centrum, członek zarządu.




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27 September 2018
The goal of the project  “Addressing security concerns in asylum procedure — a comparative study in the V4 countries”, financed from the Visegrad Fund, was to provide a comprehensive overview of current national laws and practices in the Visegrad Group countries as regards addressing security concerns within the broadly understood framework of refugee protection. The resulting 4 country reports include a description of the national laws and provide examples of best practices and crucial jurisprudence in this regard. As the reports also list recommendations concerning both law and practice, the authors hope that  their publication would serve as a basis
20 September 2018
In the period od 1 January – 6 September 2018, a total of 2810 persons applied for protection in Poland. The drop in the number of applications is significant and amounts to 28%. The HNLAC’s report talks in detail about the recent changes in numbers, trends and nationalities of persons seeking international protection in Poland this year, presents relevant statistics and compares the recognition rates among different nationality groups. It is important to notice, that the percentage of persons absconding the refugee procedure (resulting in formal discontinuation of the administrative proceedings) is by 10% smaller in 2018 (41%) smaller than
06 September 2018
Hooray! We have a really amazing gift for you! After weeks of top-secret preparations we are proud to announce the start of our #MulticulturalFlavours initiative! This Project is created uniquely for you – our friends, followers and supporters. We really wanted to show you the meaning of our work for asylum seekers and refugees, and express our respect and openness towards other cultures. We decided to do this through… cooking! The #MulticulturalFlavours is a serialized, online recipe Ebook (or Cookbook) that you can download free of charge! From April on, we will be publishing a new issue of the Ebook

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Prawniczka, doktorantka Zakładu Prawa Międzynarodowego Publicznego UJ, specjalizuje się w procedurach uchodźczych.

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Prawniczka i doradca podatkowy. W Centrum od lat zajmuje się finansami
i księgowością.

Prawniczka i filolożka,
z Centrum związana od 4 lat. Specjalizuje się w procedurach uchodźczych i postępowaniach dotyczących bezpaństwowców.

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