Attorneys-at-law and lawyers (as well as trainees!) who would like to provide legal help pro bono at Daszyńskiego 19 point (at Centrum Wielokulturowy Kraków) are invited to sign for duty shifts. Duty shifts are taking place at Daszyńskiego 19 at Krakowska Rada Seniorów at Centrum Wielokulturowe Kraków. Duty shifts can last 2 or 4 hours in a day. Contact nr for Daszyńskiego: 887 202 701.




Become part of a team of volunteers at Centrum Wielokulturowe in Krakow, which operates under the Internationaler Bund Polska organization! Like them, you can get involved in helping refugees from Ukraine and be part of a change!


Enter the file with a schedule, choose a sheet for an appropriate location and enter your first name and surname on your chosen shift. Please bear in mind that some shifts require knowledge of the Ukrainian or Russian language. You will find a schedule HERE.

Main volunteering points where you can become engaged:



Place where necessary articles are collected from donors and dispensed to refugees. Dispensed articles include cosmetics, hygienic articles, food, toys, bedding and medicines.


* TYPICAL VOLUNTEERS TASKS: organization and dispensation of packages/articles, registration of arrivals, making statistics, assisting recipients of help.

* VOLUNTEERS: On every shift, we need 7 people, at least 2 of them speaking Ukrainian/Russian.




Place where clothes and shoes are donated and dispensed.




*Queue: information, people management,

*Check in: passport control, welcoming and counting people coming in and out,
*Main space: assisting beneficiaries, restock, changing rooms, children corner
*Storage: sorting the clothes, managing transports
*Pomieszczenia socjalne: cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, preparing beverages for volunteers
*Flexible: special tasks



Volunteer at Krakow Multicultural Center

I am a lawyer!


So do you want to join us?

Scope of the voluntary serrvice

Traineeship lasts a minimum period of 1 month. Although, we do prefer people that are interested in a long-term cooperation. Our long-term volunteers are provided with interesting trainings and we willingly welcome them as members of the association. The volunteering hours are planned individually and depend on the tasks assigned. Remote volunteering is also an option!





If you like challenges, speak foreign languages and want to help people, do not waste a minute! Send your resume and short cover letter to: and become our volunteer!


Do you want to join our team? We always post information about an ongoing recruitment. Follow us on Facebook and check our website to be up to date.

Who are we looking for?

Our center focuses mainly on providing foreigners, stateless persons and refugees with free legal aid. Therefore, our team consists mostly of lawyers speaking a few foreign languages.


This does not mean, however, that non-lawyers can not join us. Quite the opposite! We are looking forward to working with passionate and energetic people, who believe in human rights and agree with our statutory mission!




We will happily welcome students, who can speak Polish, Russian and English and who are interested in refugee matters, for student traineeship. We cooperate with people that know other languages and they support us as translators of Arabic, Persian and other necessary languages required in the particular case. Our trainees often study languages, international relations and culture studies.Their involvement depends on the cases and project we are working on. Often we are looking for volunteers for specific actions and we post information about recruitment on our Facebook page.


That is not all. We are open not only for students - trainees but also to volunteers in any age.


If you are interested in joining our cause but you are unsure if you possess necessary skills, just contact us, together we will figure something out.


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We are looking for someone exactly like you!

Volunteering at Legal Aid Center

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