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Free legal aid services

The HalinaNieć Legal Aid Centre (HNLAC) is a Polish non-governmental organization and UNHCR's implementing partner.

The HNLAC team of lawyers provides free legal aid to the following categories of persons:  


  • asylum seekers
  • refugees       
  • stateless persons       
  • human trafficking victims


Our aid is provided in the following procedures: 


  • asylum procedure (legal protection)
  • in some cases of legalization of residence (stateless persons and human trafficking victims)


The legal aid is provided in the following locations:


  • in guarded centres for foreigners in Przemyśl, Biała Podlaska, Lesznowola and Krosno Odrzańskie.       
  • in the Centre’s office in Cracow
  • by e-mail (porady@pomocprawna.org)
  • by telephone (12 633 72 23)
05 August 2019