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Making a donation. Remember that the value of the donation given to the Centre, as a public benefit organization, is tax deductible!




Donating 1% of your tax when submitting your annual PIT statement. Even small amounts can add up to a significant sum overall which will allow us to continue our work. Our KRS number is: 0000113676.




Encouraging others to suport us, promoting our projects, sharing our content on social media!




You can also join us as our volunteer! Click on the button below to find out how!

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Our legal assistance has been, is and always will be completely free. The running costs of the association, salaries for our team and the costs of projects are financed from grant funds, 1% donations and donations from people supporting us. Over the past years we have been struggling with enormous difficulties in ensuring the continuity of financing, which is why donations from private individuals are very important to us - even the smallest ones, but not only one-off payments, also regular ones.

Recently we have started our profile on PATRONITE! By supporting us in this way, you are helping refugees in Poland !

Thank you!

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Centrum Pomocy Prawnej im. Haliny Nieć

ul. Krowoderska 11/7     

31-141 Kraków

Bank Millennium S.A.

Account number: 65 1160 2202 0000 0000 4950 8531





Title: donation for public benefit organization


According to Polish tax law donations for public benefit organizations are deductible up to 6% of the tax base.

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Twoje wsparcie pozwoli nam kontynuować
bezpłatną pomoc prawną dla uchodźców w Polsce!

KRS: 0000113676

Nr konta: 65 1160 2202 0000 0000 4950 8531