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Addressing Security Concerns in Asylum Procedure - A Comparative V4 Report

The goal of the project  “Addressing security concerns in asylum procedure — a comparative study in the V4 countries”, financed from the Visegrad Fund, was to provide a comprehensive overview of current national laws and practices in the Visegrad Group countries as regards addressing security concerns within the broadly understood framework of refugee protection. The resulting 4 country reports include a description of the national laws and provide examples of best practices and crucial jurisprudence in this regard. As the reports also list recommendations concerning both law and practice, the authors hope that  their publication would serve as a basis for developing even more effective mechanisms incorporating security procedures into protection procedures, while upholding the international human rights standards. The relation between asylum and security has not been subject to comparative research before and thus the project's innovative report is meant to form basis for discussing new policies with state governments and raise public awareness of the safeguards in place.


This report was drafted by 4 cooperating organizations representing the V4 countries, including the HNLAC and:

- The Human Rights League from Slovakia,

- Organization for Aid to Refugees from the Czech Republic

- Subjective Values Foundation from Hungary.


The full report is available <here>






27 September 2018

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